The SABES PD Center for Using SMARTT and Cognos trains staff in how to manage, access and analyze data using SMARTT and Cognos. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Ongoing technical assistance and relevant tutorials for both systems can be accessed through our Help Center. For more information, please contact Charlie Herbert at or 413-552-2019.

SMARTT and Cognos: Upcoming Events

This online session serves as Q&A for the video tutorial Introduction to Cohort Follow Up . Participants are asked to...
The SMARTT New User online course is a self-paced, moderated training designed to give you a hands-on experience using SMARTT...
This online training includes two parts: Part 1 is an online asynchronous course done at your own pace. It covers...

SMARTT and Cognos: Resources, Research and Curriculum

Resource How to Access Educational Functioning Level (EFL) Completion Data
EFL data shows student progress as measured by assessment scores and designated according to the National Reporting System. It can be viewed at...
Resource SMARTT Works with Windows 10 + Internet Explorer 11
This tutorial shows you how to run Internet Explorer 11 with the new Windows 10.
Resource Get a Cognos Logon
This resource provides instructions for applying to receive a Cognos UserID and temporary password.

SMARTT and Cognos: Our Team

SMARTT Cognos Project Coordinator
SMARTT and Cognos Training Manager