The Capitol One – Future Edge Digital Literacy Challenge in a new assessment that tests for the following ten core digital competencies: 

  • Computer fundamentals
  • Searching, Microsoft Word
  • Digital communications
  • Digital etiquette
  • Security
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Focus on Work
  • LinkedIn and personal branding 

This two-minute video stresses the importance of having good digital literacy skills.

To start using this site, you will be asked to “take the challenge” which is 19 questions on various digital skills. That will give you a sense of the type of questions they ask.  To get the results of this mini-test, you need to create an account. Instruction in each topic is through a mini video course with a video on a topic along with a transcript of the video. You can skip this video and go straight to the quiz on each topic, or move on to the next topic in the series. When you’ve gone through all the topics, you get your results with all the questions and answers that you chose for an answer. You’re able to review the video materials for the questions you get wrong.

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Digital Literacy
Distance Learning
Technology Support
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Digital Literacy