With support from the ELA C&I PD Center in FY20, I want to ...

image of clasped handsWork with an ELA coach, tailored to my program's needs and schedule.

image of lightbulb with EBRIEmpower students with effective reading tools and strategies, and/or support the teachers and volunteers in EBRI classrooms.

image of ELA blog headerHear from two local veteran STAR teachers, reflecting on their practice.

image of magnifying glass and file folderExplore the concept of a Text Set, including an example created by a local practitioner.

image of the three shiftsTeach in a CCR Standards-aligned classroom, and/or support teachers and curriculum developers.

Image of To the PointGet concise information on:

image of connected dotsFind ELA resources, coaching and PD that aligns with each domain of the MA Professional Standards for Teachers of Adult Education

image of a calendar Find currently scheduled ELA PD events.

Contact us to schedule PD at your program, request a coach, or just to chat about ideas!

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