Stay on top of cutting edge news about SMARTT and Cognos by connecting with us on Twitter and/or Facebook!

We have several ways for you to stay current with SMARTT and Cognos:

  • The ACLS Monthly Mailings come out once a month and cover mostly policy changes.
  • The SMARTT Listserv (sign up by sending a request) goes into more detail on the mechanics of those policy changes, announcements of new tutorials and trainings, and other relevant updates. An email message via the listserv is sent 2–3 times per month.
  • We post—almost daily—updates on Twitter and Facebook. These messages are short in length and very specific. For example, recent Tweets:"Problems entering volunteer matches is being worked on. Hopefully a fix by next week. #smartt" and "Adding waitlisted students with no prior enrollments, none of the contact info comes over into the full intake. On the to-do list. #smartt"

On Facebook, we have more room for an extensive message and conversation. For example:"Until every site in the state is rolled over, FY17 data is not accessible in Cognos. This means no MAPT reports, no attendance, no student demographics, etc. So we're just waiting. I'll send a note to the listserv when things change."

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