Many students lack a solid basic understanding of the core foundation for all math, and so teachers too often need to begin their instruction with these core foundation skills, no matter what their class level is called. As we have shared in the past, the SABES PD Center for Mathematics and Adult Numeracy has been developing a series of courses that build upon one another. 

We invite all teachers to participate in our core foundation courses, which will help them build their own conceptual understanding (not just the procedures) and strategies for teaching more conceptually. Normally, the entry point is Building a Solid Foundation (BSF), followed by Math Concepts. However, teachers who believe that they already possess strong pedagogy and conceptual understanding may now take a pre-assessment to see if they can place directly into the more advanced Math Concepts course. Those who pass with a score of 90% or better can opt out of taking Building a Solid Foundation. 

The next section of Math Concepts begins March 24 in Central MA. Registration is now open for the course, although space is limited. Those wish to take the placement test for Math Concepts should contact Donna Curry ( or Sherry Soares ( for more information.

Also in early spring (dates TBD), we will pilot our Exploring Exponents course for those who have completed Math Concepts. Those who are eligible will receive a personal invitation from us.

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