The news these days reminds us of how important it is to be able to discuss items of passionate disagreement, to express opinions in ways that don't hurt and kill others, to think through complicated topics and at least acknowledge multiple points of view, to recognize when we don't know something or are being misled and to be able to find out more.

Luckily we all have opportunities to to work on these skills and perspectives with ourselves, our students, and our colleagues, while we teach classes, counsel students, lead programs, and work to meet the the RFPs and the WIOA requirements. We can do it!

The SABES PD Center for ELA is here to support you in this venture. Our revised ELA home page is easy-to-navigate and contains links to all of these resources:

  • Read one teacher's thoughts on participating in the pilot of Critical Friends, coming to the field later this year.
  • See our overview of ELA PD for FY18. Details, dates, and destinations will be posted on the Calendar as they become finalized.
  • STAR training goes hybrid for FY18!
  • Our Curriculum page has curriculum examples and models, development guidance, and sources for text sets and leveled readings.
  • Our Connections page contains links to resources for science, social studies, civics, and study skills.
  • WIOA demands effective teaching of the "essential components of reading." One way to get there is through Evidence-Based Reading Instruction (EBRI).
  • On our Research page, find resources for background information, rationales, and evidence to support decisions around ELA teaching, curriculum, and program design.
  • The Standards page is all about—you guessed it—standards, including but not limited to the CCRSAE.

May you have a year in which the challenges are interesting, the progress encouraging, and the ability to support the courage and curiosity of yourself and your students is strong.

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