Do you teach social studies, or have an interest in child welfare, recent Native American history, working together for social justice, or the practice of a truth and reconciliation commission? There are many possible connections to this documentary.

"DAWNLAND is about cultural survival and stolen children. It reveals the untold story of Indigenous child removal in the United States through the first government-endorsed truth and reconciliation commission in the nation, tasked with investigating the devastating impact of Maine’s child welfare practices on Native American communities."

This month, November 2019, Dawnland is streaming for free in celebration of National Native American Heritage Month. Individuals in the United States can stream the 56-minute broadcast edition on the PBS website.

A free teacher's guide is available, with a central question that frames 12 lessons: What is the relationship between the taking of the land and the taking of the children?

Dawnland first aired one year ago and was awarded an Emmy® for outstanding research in 2019.

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