The DL Summit is taking place on Thursday, May 7th from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the EDC Headquarters in Waltham. The theme of this exciting event is hybrid learning. Click here to download the agenda for the DL Summit. Please read the following articles before the DL Summit. These articles represent two different approaches to the Flipped Classroom:

Questions to reflect on before attending the DL Summit: The Flipped Classroom "Chasing Time Vampires Out of the Classroom" The Flipped Classroom requires that the students complete their written assignments and test prior to class. Class time is then fully dedicated to an open discussion of the concepts needing greater explanation. The flipped classroom’s focus is to increase the effectiveness of the instructor's face time with students. This approach provides the instructor with an early warning system of knowledge voids in the classroom. Historically the lecture method was a one way conversation, with many of the students hearing the material for the first time. The flipped classroom students will demonstrate their understanding of the chapter's concepts through multiple interactions with their fellow classmates and the instructor. This reinforces the learning progression by permitting the brain to naturally process the new material.

  • What benefits does the flipped classroom have for keeping your students organized?
  • What do you view as the largest issue in your classroom that could be resolved with the flipped classroom approach?
  • How could the flipped classroom technique resolve in teaching to the various learning styles of your students?
  • Do you see any benefits to the flipped classroom in addressing communications between the instructor and students?
  • How can the flipped classroom address cancellations due to inclement weather?

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