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ELA Offerings: June 2022

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Facilitated / Online Blended

The Revised ELA Proficiency Guide: A Resource for your Program

The ELA Proficiency Guide reflects current research and understandings of what effective ABE educators know and can do related to English language arts (ELA) teaching and learning. This 2022 version follows on the substantive 2021 revision to the Massachusetts Professional Standards for Teachers of Adult Basic Education. It places a greater emphasis on concepts related to second language acquisition, culturally responsive teaching, digital literacy, and remote instruction.

6/2/22 - 1:00-2:30 pm

Teaching Adult Learners with Language-Based Learning Disabilities: An Overview

Language-based learning disabilities (LBLDs) are common among adult learners, whether diagnosed or not. This 90-minute presentation will provide an overview of common LBLDs, and will highlight specific strategies and scaffolding for teachers to enhance their direct explicit instruction for these students. The strategies provided can be used across a wide array of courses.

6/14/22 - 3:00-4:30 pm

Online Self-Paced

Introduction to Diagnostic Assessments of Reading--June

Introduction to Diagnostic Assessments of Reading is an online self-paced short course for anyone who wants to learn more about these diagnostic assessments and why they are so important to evidence-based reading instruction (EBRI).

Starts: 6/1/22

Ends: 6/22/22

Overview of EBRI - June

The brief prerecorded webinar is the first step on your journey for evidence-based reading instruction (EBRI), providing an introduction to and an overview of EBRI.

Starts: 6/3/22

Ends: 6/30/22

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