Map of ABE and ESOL programs across Massachusetts, FY17

What is the ELA PLC?

It is an online forum for practitioners across Massachusetts to share ideas and questions related to English language arts (ELA) teaching and learning in the ABE classroom. It is facilitated by Dr. Amy Trawick, with periodic guest facilitators.


Pose questions and engage in conversations with each other. Facilitators will also periodically pose questions and invite responses. Participants do not need to post in order to stay engaged in the group; you are welcome to “lurk.”


Possible topics include (but are not limited to) evidence-based reading instruction (EBRI) for all levels of readers, teaching writing for the HiSET/GED, finding materials for your classes, and curriculum design using the CCRSAE. What do YOU want to discuss?


Connect with fellow practitioners across the state. Learn from each other and from facilitators in a low-key, non-stress environment. Share links and documents in a secure online platform. Find answers to questions of interest to you.

To register, please email Joanne Harrington at

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SABES English Language Arts Curriculum and Instruction PD Center