ESOL Offerings through June 2022

Today we are sending out a list of open ESOL offerings through June. On 6/1/2022 look for a combined list of courses across centers. Note that you can check out the ESOL Upcoming Events Calendar tab anytime! 

Facilitated / Online Blended

How to Create a Culturally Responsive and Sustaining ESOL Classroom

This four-part workshop is based on the MA ESOL Professional Standards. It explores the what, why, and how of Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Teaching (CRST) in the ESOL context, with an emphasis on the how. Teachers will leave with an understanding of CRST concepts, as well as practical tools and strategies for creating their own culturally responsive and sustaining teaching practice.


6/3/2022 - 8:00 am

6/10/2022 - 10:00 am -12:00 pm

6/17/2022 - 10:00 am -12:00 pm

Self-Paced Modules

English Learners in the ABE Math Classroom

Most adult education programs have English learners (ELs) in their adult basic education (ABE) courses. These ELs, like their native English-speaking classmates, are often working toward their HiSET or other education and career goals. This online course is designed help adult education instructors teach math to ELs more effectively and in a culturally respectful manner. The strategies and ideas presented in this course are also appropriate for adult ESOL instructors as well as ABE instructors who only have native English speakers in their classes.

Module 1:  Guiding Principles
Module 2:  Implicit Bias
Module 3:  The Answer is Still the Same
Module 4:  Language
Module 5:  Math Tasks
Module 6:  Assessment

Starts 6/1/22 - Ends 6/22/22

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