The SABES PD Center for Assessment is offering a wonderful new training on formative assessment, developed by Andy Nash, Director of the New England Literacy Resource Center. The pilot training will be held on November 3 (Part 1 in the morning, and Part 2 in the afternoon) at World Education in Boston. 

Formative assessment helps teachers and learners consider what to look for as signs of learning progress, how to capture that evidence, and how to intentionally use it to improve learning. Part 1 of this training will prepare instructors to create and use formative assessment as part of your daily standards-based instruction. You will learn about the basics of formative assessment and consider various formative assessment approaches. 

Part 2 of this training is content-based, focusing on reading, math, or ESOL, and facilitated by content experts in each field: Joan Shottenfeld will facilitate the Reading session, Sara Lonberg-Lew will facilitate the Math session, and Laura Porter will facilitate the ESOL session. You will learn to use a guiding process to create new assessments in either reading, math, or ESOL for your own College and Career Readiness Standards-based lessons. 

Visit the SABES Calendar for more details and to register.

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