Keep a look out for exemplary models of ESOL Scope and Sequence soon to be posted on the SABES website. (See the "What’s New" section of the SABES PD Center for ESOL page). Thanks to the ESOL programs for sharing their fine work.

As you will see, these models include all of the elements of a scope and sequence required by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, but they are not identical in terms of organization, formatting, and specific content. This variability stems from the flexibility programs are permitted in the design of their scope and sequence as long as they include all of the required elements.

As you refine your program’s scope and sequence, be as flexible as you need to be to meet your program’s particular needs while continuing to follow the guidelines and referring to these exemplary models for helpful ideas.

Additional resources, such as the ESOL Scope and Sequence Template, are also available on the SABES website.

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