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Welcome to the SABES English Language Arts Curriculum and Instruction Professional Development Center!

Also known as the SABES ELA C&I PD Center, the SABES ELA Center, or the ELA PD Center, we exist to provide adult education programs throughout Massachusetts with professional development, resources, and support related to ELA, acting on behalf of ACLS.

Our resources, support, and professional development offerings focus on:

  • ELA curriculum and instruction that:

    • Is standards-aligned, for adult learners, and effective for all students, including those with learning challenges and disabilities
    • Uses level-appropriate evidence-based reading instruction (EBRI)
    • Connects ELA, where appropriate, with ESOL, Science, Social Studies, and Math

You can:

  • Register for ELA PD!  And review resources through our website.
  • Receive notifications whenever we post news, resources, or PD events on the ELA website. Receive the SABES newsletter, issued three times per year.
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SABES English Language Arts Curriculum & Instruction PD Center