Holyoke, MA: SABES Learning for Leading Directors’ Cohorts launched October 19, at Holyoke Community College, with a focus on planning for program success. Fifteen adult education (AE) program directors were introduced to the new SABES system, which includes three curriculum and instruction (C&I) professional development centers (Math and Adult Numeracy, ELA, and ESOL) and one new Program Support professional development (PD) center. Co-directors Luanne Teller and Sandy Goodman provided an overview of the new center’s priorities: program management and educational leadership, career pathways, advising, professional licensure, ADA resources and training, digital literacy, and cultural competence. 

Directors were introduced to the PD center directors and staff, learned of new opportunities available at no cost for the AE teachers, and had the chance to explore questions around their priorities and needs. Of note, the Math and Adult Numeracy C&I PD Center introduced CALM: Curriculum for Adults Learning Math; ELA discussed how they can help programs with their Evidence-based Reading Instruction (EBRI) initiatives, including Student Achievement in Reading (STAR); and ESOL promoted their MA ESOL Professional Standards courses as well as the wealth of PD they are offering in October and November. (All PD is of no charge to Massachusetts AE programs.) In addition, the SABES directors pointed out the Assessments section of the website, which lists numerous courses and resources for those interested in becoming certified assessment administrators.

The next two Learning for Leading cohorts will take place Tuesday, October 23, at World Education in Boston, and Friday, October 26, at Northern Essex Community College. Register at the links provided, or contact Luanne Teller for more information at Luanne_teller@worlded.org. You can find more information about the Massachusetts SABES adult education PD system at www.sabes.org.

PD Center: 

Program Management and Educational Leadership

SABES Program Support PD Center - Program Management and Educational Leadership