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MESCA sounds like a coffee drink. Think of it as a shot of caffeine for standards-aligned instruction. Make those ELA standards come alive!

  • Learn (or confirm) strategies and tools for teaching in a stimulating, rigorous, ELA CCR standards-aligned classroom.
  • Connect the standards to the three key shifts or advances.
  • Engage with tasks central to making the standards come alive:
  1. selecting texts worth reading
  2. identifying questions worth answering
  3. creating high-quality writing assignments

This blended PD offering consists of one face-to-face day followed by online modules, discussions, and assignments, with feedback from the facilitator. With enough advance notice, course materials can be adapted to the GLEs and topics of the classes you teach.

Contact the ELA C&I PD Center to bring this PD to your program or a site near you! (ELA Director Merilee Freeman, mfreeman@qcc.mass.edu, 508-854-4296)

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SABES English Language Arts Curriculum & Instruction PD Center