The Microsoft Office Skills Checklist has basic, intermediate, and advanced skills for all of the Microsoft Office suite applications except for Access, which is the database application available in some versions of Microsoft Office suite. You may ask why Microsoft Office suite?  It is the office suite of business applications used most often.

The title of each MS Office Skills checklist refers to the 2010 version of MS Office. But almost all the time, the checklist can be used with all the other productivity products regardless of version or product. Saving and printing a document; cutting and pasting; changing font color and size; you’re just using slightly different menus.

A note from Eunice:

I taught a course on the Microsoft Office Suite for a while at both Bay Path Vocational High School evening program and Qunisigamond Community College. The students paid to take the course. Some students felt the needed to take the course so they would be prepared to take a test of their skills when applying for a job. Other students who took the course were stay-at-home parents getting back into the workforce or employees being reimbursed by their employers for completing the course.

I've taught basic computer skills using an office suite called Appleworks. My students would say, "Appleworks isn’t what businesses are using! They’re using Microsoft."

My response was always the same, "the tasks are the same in whatever product you’re using, be it Microsoft Office Suite, Google docs, or Open Office."

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