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ACLS highlighted a curriculum resource from the Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation (CSAI): Model Lesson Plans to Build Teacher Capacity in Promoting Deeper Learning Through Formative Assessment: Integrated Literacy in Content Learning.

Developed for K12 middle school teachers (grades 68), this series of lesson plans aims to model the following:

  • How to integrate English language arts (ELA) into scientific or historical content
  • How to use formative assessment to measure both content understanding and competency with a specific literacy practice
  • How to design a series of lessons that build toward a larger summative assessment

The materials are intended to be adapted by teachers to fit their circumstances. Adult education teachers will likely need to make further adaptations.

About the ELA and history lesson plans (for grades 6-8):

"The focus of the lessons is on reading documents with sourcing, corroborating, and close reading as the primary analytical strategies, with each lesson ending in a culminating writing task that is supported by a graphic organizer reading guide."

About the ELA and science lesson plans (for grade 8):

"This series of lessons focuses on matter and chemical reactions, and applies this knowledge to understanding the colors of fireworks. Each lesson contains teacher instructions, links to online materials (e.g., informational texts, videos), opportunities for formative assessment, and student worksheets."

You can also find a link to the model lessons on the SABES ELA website at Curriculum Examples, Models, and Sources for ELA and Content-Area Subjects, under the section "Other ABE Curricula (or adaptable for ABE)."

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