The SABES PD Center for Educational Leadership is happy to announce two offerings by well-known national presenters. The descriptions are below. If you have any questions about these—or any Educational Leadership offerings—contact Sue Miller at or 508-854-4513. You can also find more information about these offerings on the SABES Calendar.

Having Hard Conversations
Date: September 26, 2016, 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Location: World Education, Inc., 44 Farnsworth St., Boston, MA
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As ABE administrators or teacher leaders, we often encounter situations where difficult topics must be addressed. And we might ask ourselves:

  • What are the best strategies for those moments?
  • What questions should I ask to prepare myself for these challenging conversations?
  • What words should I use to make the conversation as humane and growth producing as possible?

Having Hard Conversations is an interactive course to help you master the art of challenging conversations so you can effectively address difficult situations in your program. It is a hybrid course with a 5.5-hour face-to-face session and a 2-hour webinar.

The presenter is Jennifer Abrams, an international educational and communications consultant for schools, universities and nonprofits. A published author, her work includes Having Hard Conversations Unpacked (Corwin Press, 2016); The Multigenerational Workplace: Communicate, Collaborate and Create Community (Corwin Press, 2013); “Planning Productive Talk” (ASCD’s Educational Leadership, October 2011); and Having Hard Conversations (Corwin Press, 2009). Jennifer Abrams considers herself a voice coach, helping others to best use their voices whether it be supervising an employee, coaching a colleague, or collaborating on a team.

Building ABE Teachers’ Capacity for Success
Dates: October 25–26, 2016, 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Location: World Education, Inc., 44 Farnsworth St., Boston, MA
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Do you ….

  • Provide observation feedback to teachers, but it doesn’t produce changes in their craft?
  • Hesitate to provide observation feedback because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, or you’re not sure how to develop growth-producing statements?
  • Want to learn how to provide differentiated feedback that is meaningful, growth-oriented, and based on a teacher’s skill level?
  • Nurture new and skillful teachers to new levels of professional success and satisfaction?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or you want to improve the effectiveness of your teaching staff, then Building ABE Teachers’ Capacity for Success is a must for you!

This 11-hour face-to-face course, with a 2-hour webinar, will provide you with proven strategies for supporting all teachers. Alisa Simeral is a nationally acclaimed presenter, author on this subject, and educator. She will introduce you to, and help you practice, the Continuum of Self-Reflection, an innovative method that will help you use mini-observation data to provide growth-oriented feedback to support teachers. ABE directors who have been introduced to this method by this PD Center found it to be extremely helpful—almost revolutionary in nature.

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