Calling all instructors of adult students preparing for HSE exams in math, science, and social studies! The SABES Mathematics and Adult Numeracy Curriculum & Instruction PD Center is pleased to announce the debut of our newest course, Making Sense of Data. This course is the latest in our Making Sense of... series which also includes Making Sense of Fractions and Making Sense of Proportional Reasoning.

Course description

Adults encounter statistics in the news, in health care, when making consumer decisions, and in many other contexts. Statistical reasoning helps students build on and develop various mathematical concepts, but its application has relevance beyond the study of mathematics. Data is involved in decision-making at every level of society. Traditionally, data and statistics instruction in math classes has focused on data analysis. This course seeks to expand the focus to the entire cycle and process of doing statistics to answer questions about the world around us. 

In this course, you will deepen your understanding of the statistical cycle and how to help students develop and apply basic concepts in statistical reasoning. Through hands-on activities and experiments, videos, readings, and examples of student work, you will explore the four stages of the statistical cycle: formulating questions, collecting data, analyzing data, and interpreting results. The course includes examples of applications of statistics to scientific inquiry and contemporary social issues. 

Instructors at all levels of math comfort are encouraged to enroll. You do not need to currently teach a math class to fully participate in this course.

For more information including the full schedule and to register, visit the SABES Calendar.

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