New Facebook Group

The SABES PD Center for Distance Learning and Technology Support recently formed a Facebook group called Distance Learning and Tech AE PD MA for adult education professional in Massachusetts, where we share our ideas on and experiences with integrating digital literacy . If you use Facebook and would like to join this group:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account
  2. Search for the group name
  3. Ask to join our group

As this is a closed group, you can only see posts if you’re a member. Once you are added (which should happen within the same business day), you can begin posting right away.

Free Tutorials!

Don’t miss an amazing professional development (PD) resource: Atomic Learning: Tech Tool Tutorials

Atomic Learning (don’t let the name scare you away!) is a collection of free online training and PD video tutorials for educators. The tutorials, which are all under one hour in length, give an overview of a particular tech tool and suggestions on how to use it in your instruction and with your learners.

The tutorials can be accessed by enrolling in Atomic Learning: Tech Tool Tutorials.  We encourage you to try out this quarter’s Tech Tool Tutorials:

  • Tech for Students with Learning Disabilities
  • QR Codes in the Classroom
  • Twitter for Educators
  • Tech Integration Tips and Tricks
  • Kahoot!

If you have already tried one or more of the tools, please share your classroom experience with others through the discussion board. How did you use the tech tool? How did your learners respond to it? Do you have any recommendations for your colleagues?

For information about PD on any of the tech tools, please go to the SABES calendar.

Please join us for the Atomic Learning Tech Talk webinar on Monday, January 22, 2018, from 1 PM to 2 PM.This is a great opportunity to share your experiences with integrating your selected tech tool(s) and to hear how others used these tools in their classrooms. 

The PD Center for Distance Learning and Technology Support will continue to spotlight five Atomic Learning tutorials each quarter. Next quarter’s Tech Tool Tutorials will be offered in January 2018, highlighting five tech tools: Tech for Students with Dysgraphia, Ten Easy Ways to Integrate Technology in the Classroom, BYOD - QuickStart Training, Integrating the 4 Cs into Your Classroom, and YouTube for Educators.

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