Peer Coaching for New Teachers

Does your program have a comprehensive induction program for your new teachers? If your answer is no—Don’t miss the Peer Coaching for New Teachers Project starting September 2017!

  • View the FY18 brochure and application HERE.
  • The application deadline for the Peer Coaching for New Teachers Project is due June 30, 2017.
  • The third cohort for the Peer Coaching for New Teachers Project begins in September 2017.

What New Teachers Are Saying about the Peer Coaching for New Teachers Project

A peer coach had to miss the weekly session with their coachee, and the new teacher told his peer coach at the end of the day with his hand on his heart, “I missed our time together today.”  —FY17 New Teacher

 “My aha moment was realizing how diverse our population is in terms of not only where the students are at academically, but also in age, social status, race, color creed, marital status, etc., and how this necessitates a certain flexibility in teaching.”  —FY17 New Teacher

What Peer Coaches Are Saying about the Project

“Coaching has helped me learn about fellow new staff members in a unique way. Our relationships have been interesting and enriching to me. Most of all, I have become a more thoughtful, purposeful teacher myself, as I seek to find ways to help my coachees.”  —FY16 and FY17 Peer Coach

“I always benefit from sharing ideas with my coachee. When she shares information she learns at PD with me and when we discuss the techniques she uses in class, I find new ideas that I can use in my own teaching. Being a coach has also helped me become more confident. I’ve realized that I have a lot of experience to share and am more comfortable being a leader in my workplace.” —FY17 Peer Coach

What an ABE Director Is Saying about the Peer Coaching for New Teachers Project

“The first year of teaching at an ABE program can be very difficult—even for experienced teachers. Having a knowledgeable and supportive peer teacher to help navigate the challenges of the ABE classroom increases teacher effectiveness while building the self-confidence and resource base of new ABE instructors. The Peer Coaching for New Teachers Project helps to demonstrate the critical commitment to self-reflection and continuous improvement that every program needs to educate and elevate students to the highest level of achievement.”  —FY16 Director

Why Do ABE Programs Need Orientation or Induction Programs for Their New Teachers?

A high-quality induction program ultimately benefits students the most. It propels new teachers to become more effective faster with the aid of their peer coach and director. It also re-energizes veteran teachers with new ideas and empowers them in their own work.

About the Peer Coaching for New Teachers Project

This year-long professional development activity is designed to help programs develop a comprehensive induction program. A critical aspect of this project is to equip one skilled ABE or ESOL teacher from your program with the skills and knowledge to become an effective coach for new staff at your program. At the end of this project, your program’s coach will be able to train and support additional peer coaches from your program.

A stipend is provided for the coach to participate in 25 hours of training and support. This includes 10 hours of face-to-face professional development, in addition to one hour of phone support per month and two webinars over the course of the year.

If you have any questions, please contact Sue Miller at or by phone at 508-854-4513.

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