Program Support Offerings Through October

In our quest to reduce emails to your inbox, SABES is trying another tack. Monday we sent out a list of Math offerings in October; Wednesday we sent out ELA and ESOL offerings; and today (Thursday), Program Support offerings. These program-specific emails will give more information than our comprehensive list from a few weeks ago. Please tell us which format you prefer at It's not perfect yet, but we'll try to get this down to a system that works for you!  

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Facilitated / Online Blended

Programs as Healing Spaces: Returning to Classes and Trauma-Informed Practices

This hands-on session will focus on the acquisition and application of trauma-informed practices to be used in programs and classrooms. This session combines presentation, facilitated discussion, and small-group scenario work. Participants will leave the session with ideas for implementing safe learning and working spaces.

Advisor Sharing and Learning Group Meetings

  • West
  • Central
  • Northeast

These offerings is facilitated regional sharing and learning groups for new and experienced advisors. Agenda topics are selected based on the interests and needs of attendees and emerging issues in the field, and they are posted two weeks before the meeting.

Distance and Hybrid Education Models: Teaching and Engaging In-Person and Online Students

In this session, we will begin by providing a brief review of the five models for distance and hybrid education provided in the ACLS policies. Next, we will specifically focus on one model that some programs have adopted: conducting in-person instruction that also provides opportunities for learners to access the class online, either synchronously or asynchronously. 

Introduction to the Educator Growth and Effectiveness (EGE) Model

This one-hour informational session will provide an overview of the EGE model, some considerations and options for implementing it, and the revised and customized PD support for each EGE role: team leaders/directors, teachers, and coaches. In addition, representatives from the SABES Math, ELA, and ESOL Curriculum & Instruction PD Centers will discuss the content-specific coaching and other PD supports they have in place to support your EGE efforts.

Art of Advising

Part I: 10/18/2021: 1:00–3:00 pm
Part 2: 10/20/2021: 1:00–3:00 pm
Part 3: 10/25/2021: 1:00–3:00 pm
Part 4: 10/29/2021: 1:00–3:00 pm

The Art of Advising introduces practical tools, strategies, and approaches for staff whose primary function is education and career advising. Content and activities focus on effective practices to address the equitable delivery of advising and support services to help students  identify and make progress towards educational and career goals. 

Expanding Equitable Access through Distance and Hybrid Education - Series

This series is intended to help your program team, step-by-step, to implement new distance and hybrid classes or continue building your existing program. We will emphasize the many benefits of providing these options to current and potential students, such as helping to meet enrollment targets by expanding access to your program for previously underserved audiences.

Volunteer Coordinator Sharing Group: Strategies for Volunteer Training

This virtual sharing and learning group, facilitated by Michele Sedor, is designed for new and experienced volunteer coordinators and others in adult education programs who work with volunteers. This session will focus on volunteer training.

The ABE Teacher’s License: Information and Support

This informational session will introduce the two types of ABE Teacher’s License, the requirements for obtaining each, the many benefits that License-seekers have reported from engaging in the process, and the SABES PD and customized coaching that are available if you decide to pursue the License. This workshop will be led by Carey Reid, one of the state’s leading ABE Teacher’s License experts and among the first educators in MA to earn it.

Advising and Teaching Students with Diverse Immigration Statuses: What to Know Now

Participants joining this session will review the basics of immigration as they relate to adult learners, including how immigration status can impact education and employment opportunities for learners. Expert presenters from the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA) will share resources that participants can use to better serve all learners at all immigration statuses.

LACES Online Facilitated


LiteracyPro’s Shannon Stangis will facilitate this two-hour webinar and review NRS requirements, definitions, and information for the NRS tables.

LACES Beginner Desk Review

Part 1: 

LiteracyPro’s Shannon Stangis will present this two-part training, an overview of how to complete the LACES Desk Review process.

LACES Desk Review Refresher

LiteracyPro’s Shannon Stangis will facilitate this refresher on how to conduct searches for each cell of the MA Desk Review, including an introduction to updates and changes to the Desk Review for FY21. You will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the Desk Review data.

LACES for MassSTEP Programs

In this two-part series, LiteracyPro’s Shannon Stangis will provide an overview of LACES data entry related to MassSTEP Programs, formerly known as Integrated Education and Training (IET)/Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE). Representatives from ACLS will also be in attendance to answer questions.


Program Support PD Center: Asynchronous PD Series

the Program Support PD Center is excited to offer our “On-Demand” PD Series of asynchronous PD videos, intended to provide you with flexible options for PD that you can access when it’s convenient for your schedule. Click and see the available self-paced courses!

PD Center
SABES Program Support PD Center