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ELA  PD for January--March 2021 (as of 12/14/2020)

All PD is online through June 2021. Strategies for remote instruction are included.

Please note that some courses have prerequisites--plan now!

Overview of EBRI: This pre-recorded webinar is a prerequisite for all further Evidence-Based Reading Instruction (EBRI) PD and is available monthly. Register for January, February, or March.

The Recipe for Success: The CCRSAE and Instructional Shifts for ELA: This set of lightly facilitated self-paced modules on the College & Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education (CCRSAE) opens 1/07/21 for four weeks.

Evidence-Based Writing Strategies: Summarizing: Consists of two live sessions on 1/13/21 and 1/27/21.

EBRI: Diagnostic Assessments of Reading: Begins on 1/19/21. Largely self-paced, with one live session on 3/12/21.

Instructional Strategies and Study Skills for Students with Language-Based Learning Disabilities: Four live sessions on 1/21/21, 1/28/21, 2/04/21, and 2/11/21.

Vocabulary in ASE: Teaching Tier 2 Words: Two live sessions on 1/26/21 and 2/16/21.

Alphabetics Remote Instructional Strategies: One live session on 2/1/20.

STAR (STudent Achievement in Reading) Training: Begins 2/03/21.

EBRI: Fluency for Emerging Readers: Begins 2/16/21.

Teaching Content Vocabulary in ASE: Two live sessions on 2/22/21 and 3/08/21.

Introduction to the ELA Proficiency Guide: Pre-recorded webinar, available for the month of March.

Evidence-Based Writing Strategies: Writing Fluency: Two live sessions on 3/3/21 and 3/17/21.

EBRI: Comprehension for Advanced Readers: Two live sessions on 3/24/21 and 5/12/21.

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Additional PD will be added, so do check back.

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