SABES Open Offerings Through 1/31/22

Scroll to the end for Online Self-paced courses. Entries with dates beginning with “Starts” include multiple sessions.

Online Facilitated or Blended

Week of 1/4

ESOL Assessment: How Do You and Your Students Know They Are Learning? - Starts 1/7 (ESOL)

CALM Support Series: Geometry (Math & Numeracy)

WhatsApp: A Communication Tool for ESOL Instruction - Basic Features for Beginner Users - 1/7 (ESOL)

Week of 1/10

Instructional Strategies and Study Skills for Students with Language-Based Learning Disabilities - Starts 1/11 (ELA)

CALM Support Series: Geometry—Afternoon session (Math & Numeracy)

Advisor Sharing and Learning Group Meetings (Program Support - Advising)

Organizing Curriculum Online—an ELA Roundtable - 1/13 (ELA)

Multimedia Presentations for Teaching History and Science - 1/14 (ELA)

Equity in Distance Education Classes - 1/14 (Partner Resources & Events)

Week of 1/17

Advisor Sharing and Learning Group—Statewide (1/18) (Program Support - Advising)

Online Tools for Independent Learning - Starts 1/19 (ESOL)

Google Drive and Docs for ESOL Learners' Digital Literacy Skills Development - For Beginner Users - 1/20 (ESOL)

Words Matter: Teaching Content Vocabulary to ABE and ASE Learners - 1/20 (ELA)

Volunteer Coordinator Sharing Group: Implicit Bias and What We Can Do About It - 1/20 (Program Support)

Analyzing Student Activity in Newsela - 1/21 (ELA & ESOL)

WhatsApp for Enhanced ESOL Instruction - Beyond the Basics - 1/21 (ESOL)

Celebrating the Diversity of Mathematical Minds - 1/21 (Math & Numeracy)

Week of 1/24

Navigating Pathways to Opportunity: Comprehensive Student Supports - 1/24 (Program Support - Career Pathways)

Digital Literacy 101: Where to Begin! - 1/24 (Program Support)

Exploring Effective ESOL Instruction - Starts 1/25 (ESOL)

Craft a Compelling Story to Tell and Teach - Part 1 - Starts 1/25 (ESOL)

Numeracy Routines That Develop Language - 1/26 (Math & Numeracy)

Integrating Google Docs into Instruction for English Learners' Digital Literacy Skills Development - Beyond the Basics - 1/27 (ESOL)

BeCALM Geometry: Remote-Ready Materials for Beginning Learners (GLE 2-4) - 1/28 (Math & Numeracy)

Motivational Interviewing (MI) Circle of Practice - 1/28 (Program Support PD Center - Advising)


Expanding Equitable Access Through Distance and Hybrid Education Series - Starts 1/31 (Program Support)

Directors’ Sharing and Learning Group (Program Support - Program Management and Educational Leadership)

Online Self-Paced

The Recipe for Success: The CCRSAE and Instructional Shifts for ELA - 12/27 (ELA)

Overview of EBRI - 1/3 (ELA)

CALM Introduction - 1/7 (Math & Numeracy)

English Learners in the ABE Math Classroom - 1/14 (Math & Numeracy)

Remotely Administer Diagnostic Reading Assessments - 1/31 (ELA)

Program Support PD Center: Asynchronous PD Series

PD Center
SABES PD System Communication Center