SABES Offerings Through Friday, 11/19/21

See below for Online Self-paced and LACES. Dates are when the offering begins.

Online Facilitated or Blended

Directors’ Sharing and Learning Group (Program Support - Education Leadership / Management)

Engaging and Supporting English Learners in Adult Education Classes - 11/2 (Online module started 10/26) (Math & Numeracy, ELA, ESOL)

Foundations of Disability Series: Inclusive Program Design and Delivery in Adult Education - 11/3 (Program Support - Advising)

    Expanding Equitable Access through Distance and Hybrid Education (Program Support - Digital Lit/ Distance Ed)

    CALM Support Series: Fractions, Decimals, & Percents - Benchmarks (Math & Numeracy)

    Creating Vocabulary Videos for Instruction—an ELA Roundtable - 11/5 (ELA)

    Preparing English Learners for the U.S. Citizenship Test (ESOL)

    Make the ELA CCR Standards Work for You - 11/10 (ELA)

    Leveraging Online Tools to Foster Independent Learning - 11/10 (ESOL)

    LD Teaching Strategies for Math - 11/15 (Math & Numeracy)

    Teaching About Vaccines - 11/16 (Math & Numeracy)

    Writing Fluency - 11/17 (ELA)

    Five Useful Google Classroom Tools for ESOL Instruction - 11/18 (ESOL)

    Exploring Identity and Implicit Bias: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Our Work - 11/19 (Program Support - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)

    LACES (Program Support - LACES)

    Online Self-Paced

    Overview of EBRI - November - Starts 11/3 (ELA)

    CALM Introduction - Starts 11/8 (Math & Numeracy)

    Program Support PD Center: Asynchronous PD Series

    PD Center
    SABES PD System Communication Center