The SABES Program Support PD Center is excited to offer once-a-month, four-hour sessions to directly support ABE Teacher’s License-seekers. Both of our coaches, Wendy Quinones and Carey Reid, have been involved in supporting the License for many years and were among the earliest adult educators to earn the License. They thoroughly understand what’s required and have extensive experience supporting License-seekers in successfully completing the licensure process.

Individuals who are currently engaged in the License application process, or who have shown strong interest in beginning that process, have already been contacted directly, but we are also eager to hear from people who are new to considering the License. Following these calls, the locations and times for cohort meetings will be determined based on interest. Additional cohorts may be added as more License-seekers come on board.

The cohort sessions will be wholly devoted to helping individuals prepare the application documents, pass the two MTEL tests required for the License, prepare for their teaching demonstration, develop a portfolio to meet licensure standards, and submit the portfolio to an ACLS Licensure Review Panel composed of carefully vetted veteran practitioners. Since all these activities are relevant to teaching adult learners, those who earn the License report that the application process ultimately strengthened their practice. Successful candidates have also told us that the cohorts were extremely helpful during their journey to obtain the License. 

If you are curious about the process and would like more information, please feel free to contact Luanne Teller, co-director of the SABES Program Support PD Center (

As the License cohort meetings get underway, the SABES Program Support PD Center will develop a set of online modules that provide the following essential guidance for attaining the License:

  • An overview of the ABE Teacher’s License and the submission and review process
  • A self-assessment to determine one’s readiness to pursue the License
  • A description of the Communications and Literacy Skills and Adult Education MTEL tests, and strategies for passing them
  • Information on adult development and learning theory
  • Classroom pedagogical practices that meet the licensure standards
  • Assessment practices that meet the licensure standards
  • A description of the required classroom demonstration process
  • Resource lists and links for all relevant topics

Because the content and pedagogy implicit in the License requirements would be beneficial to all teachers, regardless of their PD goals, the online modules will be open to all practitioners, including but not limited to those pursuing the ABE License. 

Be sure to check the SABES Program Support PD Center page for Professional Licensure Support for ongoing updates and resources, and email Luanne Teller ( if you would like to be added to our contact list for licensure updates. 

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