There are a number of sites and users piloting SchoolBrains right now. Here are a few things to look forward to about SchoolBrains:

  • It works on any browser and many devices!
  • You can create your own reports.
  • It's very "flexible" and quick.

Stay tuned for trainings to happen in late May and early June.

Here's a fun announcement from the last ACLS mailing:

Name that Data System: As you know, ACLS is working to migrate our data collection system (SMARTT) to a new web-based platform called SchoolBrains. However, we're not sure we like the name, "SchoolBrains" so we've come up with a few alternatives. Please visit THIS LINK to vote for your favorite name or to add one of your own. If your suggested name is chosen, we'll give you bragging rights, unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

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