SMARTT only works with the Internet Explorer (IE) browser. The good news is that SMARTT works in any version of IE. IE11 is recommended, which is the version that is the most secure. All that you need to do for IE11 is make sure the compatibility view settings are up to date. Go to for a tutorial on that.

The bad news is that Microsoft is no longer supporting any version of IE, starting January. This means that it is no longer very secure and you should only use IE for SMARTT. Don’t do anything else with it on the web.

Microsoft is now in the world of operating system Win10, which comes with the browser called Edge. Edge is not compatible with SMARTT. However Win10 can run IE11, if you have Enterprise mode of Win10. In other words, don’t expect to be able to access SMARTT with a new computer.

In any case, it’s a good idea to clear out your temporary files and cache. Old files stored in your computer’s memory conflict with some of the operations in SMARTT and this can cause one of those system errors. ESE IT wiz Omair recently sent out some steps for really getting to a blank slate with your cache. This can be found at as well.

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