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The SABES PD Center for English Language Arts has been pleased to work with you this year! Read down for upcoming PD, five adult education services we're excited about, a highlighted resource, and links to other curriculum resources.

Upcoming ELA PD Offerings


Take 5! Five Highlights from This Year

  1. We created a full sequence of Evidence-Based Reading Instruction (EBRI) PD offerings to support you in teaching reading to your students, starting with an overview webinar and Diagnostic Reading Assessments. Here’s what participants are saying:
    • The workshop was excellent.
    • Dr. Strucker was energetic, engaging, and very personable.
    • It is always positive when I get information that will actually help me with my students!
  2. Would you like support as you progress through the EBRI sequence of PD? Work with one of the EBRI coaches whom we trained this year—they are ready, willing, and able to help you implement EBRI theory into practice. Ask Merilee Freeman ( about working with an EBRI coach for post-PD support.
  3. Massachusetts is piloting the new blended training from the national STAR (STudent Achievement in Reading) initiative, and participant feedback has been positive:
    • Online makes it easy to go as fast or as slow as I need to learn the materials.
    • [It’s] convenient to watch videos when it works in my schedule.”
  4. Critical Friends pilot-group members led their own groups this year. One facilitator wrote, “We enjoyed assisting each other in strengthening activities as we deepened our bond . . .The Critical Friends process encourages us to be both student and teacher, which leads to more effective and engaging activities.”
  5. We started a blog to highlight more of your voices. What are your peers thinking? Find out (at least some thoughts!) at Reflect & Connect.


Resource Highlight:

CUNY HSE Curriculum Framework
Excerpted from their website:

The CUNY HSE Curriculum Framework is a guide for planning instruction—including topic recommendations, model lessons, guiding questions, readings, and problems. The framework prioritizes depth over breadth; rather than attempting to address all of the content that might potentially be included on an HSE exam, it instead models a focused and coherent study of high priority topics within each content area. Our hope is that teachers will select relevant aspects of the Curriculum Framework and make them their own. The complete framework is available for free download.

The Social Studies section integrates reading and writing through a focus on U.S. history, with extensions to civics, economics and geography. Science provides an introduction to matter and basic chemistry with extensions to science/math connections. Classroom Supports and Career Pathway Connections presents interactive icebreaker activities and addresses modifications for lower level learners, mixed-level classes, and youth populations. (There are additional sections.)

More Curricula

Find more curricula at the ELA curated collection page for Curriculum (examples, development guidance, sources for text sets, and leveled readings). Other collections include Connections (to subjects such as science, social studies, civics, and study skills) EBRI, including STAR Research; and Standards. You can also search for resources by using the search box on the website; by selecting the Resource Library link on the website; and by checking past news posts, several of which highlight resources.

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