The SABES PD Center for Assessment is offering two final formative assessment trainings this fiscal year. Susan Gracia is facilitating both of these offerings:

Upon completion of the May 20 offering, Formative Assessment in the Classroom, you will be able to:

  • Define assessment terminology
  • Identify when and how to assess students in the classroom
  • Connect learning targets (learning and teaching goals) with assessment methods

Upon completion of the June 10 offering, Formative Classroom Assessment for ESOL Teachers, you will be able to:

  • Define assessment terminology
  • Identify formative or assessment for learning assessment strategies to use in the ESOL classroom
  • Classify learning targets
  • Clarify complex and/or ambiguous learning targets for teaching and assessment
  • Identify the four assessment methods
  • Select the appropriate method(s) to assess specific learning targets

Please go to the SABES calendar for additional details and to register for either or both trainings. There are no prerequisites for these trainings.

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