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The TABE CLAS-E Writing Scoring assessment training is the second training in the process to become certified to score the TABE CLAS-E Expository Writing test. Before attending this training, practitioners must complete an Assessment Basics webinar (pre-recorded) and also an online, self-paced TABE CLAS-E Writing Administration training.

Within three weeks following the training, practitioners are required to successfully complete a scoring activity. This completes the requirements to be certified to score the TABE CLAS-E Writing Expository test.


    This professional development activity/course is designed for:

  • ESE/ACLS-funded practitioners who need to be trained as TABE CLAS-E Expository Writing scorers

Training time will be spent learning about and using the CLAS-E Expository Writing Rubrics with the embedded Notes to the Scorer, the Supplementary Scoring Guide for the CLAS-E Expository Writing Assessment, and the TABE’s CLAS-E Writing Scoring Guide.

Please note: To become certified to SCORE the expository writing component of the TABE CLAS-E Writing test, you MUST (1) attend this face-to-face training, (2) have completed the TABE CLAS-E Writing Administration Training prior to the face-to-face training or be previously certified to administer the test, and (3) successfully complete the scoring certification activity (due within 3 weeks following the training).

Lunch is scheduled for 30 minutes. Please bring your own. 

Snow date is February 21st. 

    Learning Objectives

    Upon completion of this professional development activity/course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the TABE CLAS-E Writing Scoring Rubrics and scoring rationale
    Accurately score the students’ expository writing using the TABE CLAS-E Writing Rubrics and other scoring materials
Presenter(s) / Facilitator(s)

Practitioners should complete the online Assessment Basics webinar (first) and CLAS-E Writing Administration Training (second) prior to attending the face-to-face training. However, practitioners who have already watched Assessment Basics do not need to rewatch it.

Assessment Basics webinar: This webinar-based training takes 30-40 minutes and consists of two videos. The first video describes what assessment is, how assessment fits into curriculum and instruction, and how to interpret different types of test scores. The second video explains what assessments are required in Massachusetts for NRS reporting purposes and provides an overview of the ACLS assessment policies.

CLAS-E Writing Administration Training: This online training developed by the Center for Educational Assessment at UMass Amherst is self-paced, but designed to last approximately one hour and a half.  The training consists of five modules:

  • Module 1: CLAS-E Writing Overview 
  • Module 2: What to Do Before Administering the CLAS-E Writing
  • Module 3: Administering the Locator Interview and Locator Test for First-Time Test Takers
  • Module 4: Administering and Scoring the Multiple-Choice Portion of the CLAS-E Writing Test
  • Module 5: Administering the Expository Writing Portion of the CLAS-E Writing Test

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