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North Star Digital Literacy Assessment
The North Star Digital Literacy Assessment includes the following nine modules: Basic Computer World Wide Web Windows or MAC OSX Using Email Microsoft Word Social Media Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint Information Literacy The Information Literacy module is the newest module and was developed...
Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) Assessment
The PIAAC , is an international survey of adult skills that “measures adults’ proficiency in key information-processing skills - literacy, numeracy and problem solving in technology-rich environments - and gathers information and data on how adults use their skills at home, at work and in the wider...
Integrating Technology in WIOA and Digital Literacy Resources
The SABES PD Center for Distance Learning and Technology Support would like to share with you this two-page document Integrating Technology in WIOA that specifically names digital literacy among the list of programs, activities or services that comprise workplace preparation. WIOA references the...
Distance Learning Summit 2016
We have decided to put everything up on the SABES website for the Distance Learning (DL) Summit instead of giving out packets. In the attached PDF file are all the presentations in one place for you to review and come back to whenever you want to see them again. We hope you support our saving trees...
Communication Protocol between the ESOL Hub and CALCs
Communication Protocol between the ESOL Hub and CALCs was developed by DL Hub at Notre Dame Education Center.
Communication Protocol between the ASE Hub & CALCs
As the ASE Hub, our work with you, our partners, is vital to making our students’ experience in our program a positive and constructive one. You are our students’ first contact; you set the tone and provide a solid beginning in the screening and orientation. We continue that work providing academic...
CCR Conference 2015: DL and Tech Support handouts all in one
Thank you for stopping at the DL and Tech Support resource table at the 2015 CCR Conference. I know handouts with lots of links drive me crazy. I've collected all the handouts together in this one document for you to have in digital format. This will allow you to click through the links easily...
North Star Digital Literacy Assessment - for SABES
Welcome to the agency page for SABES - Distance Learning and Technology Support. From here you can access our link to the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment Tool module.
MCAE 2015 Network Resources
Please see the links below to resources from our presentations at the MCAE 2015 Network Conference.
Directors Meeting 2015 Resources
Please see the links below to resources and research from the 2015 Directors Meeting.