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The Potential and Value of Using Digital Badges for Adult Learners - AIR Research
Digital badges are a new way to capture and communicate what someone knows and can demonstrate. They represent different levels of work and engagement. This report, funded by OVAE, discusses developing and implementing a system of digital badges for adult learners. It begins a conversation.
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Q&A: Misconceptions About Formative Assessment-by Catherine Gewertz
This is an article/audio interview with Richard Stiggins, who is an advocate of classroom assessments in student learning. He talks about what formative assessment is and isn't and he explains the purposes and the benefits.
The Formative Assessment Action Plan - by Nancy Frey & Douglas Fisher
The authors outline a "clear-cut, realistic, and rewarding approach" to formative assessment. They explain four steps and how the steps work together to create a "seamless, comprehensive, formative assessment system". The approach helps to develop communication between teachers and students to...
The Bridge Between Today's Lesson and Tomorrow's - by Carol Ann Tomlinson
Formative assessments can improve both teaching and learning if you follow the ten principles outlined in this article. The steps include: (1) Help students understand the role of formative assessment. (2) Begin with clear KUDs. (3) Make room for student differences. (4) Provide instructive...
Searching for Clarity on Formative Assessment - By Catherine Gewertz
Definitions of formative assessment vary, but most people agree that it has the power to yield information about what students are learning while they are learning it.
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Model Curriculum Units - by ESE MA
This is a link a video about curriculum embedded assessments and how they are used in Massachusetts classrooms.
The Best Value in Formative Assessment
Ready-made benchmark tests cannot substitute for day-to-day formative assessment conducted by assessment-literate teachers.
Formative Assessment Strategies for Every Classroom: An ASCD Action Tool, 2nd Edition
Formative assessment refers to the ongoing process students and teachers engage in when the focus on learning goals, take stock of where current work is in relation to the goal and take action to move closer to the goal.
Fact Sheet: Formative Assessment
The purpose of formative assessment tasks and activities is to provide the teacher with a window into students’ cognitive processes. Formative assessments allow students to show their thinking and allow teachers a way to see and gauge students’ cognitive processes.
Using Student-Involved Classroom Assessment to Close Achievement Gaps
The authors advocate rebalancing assessment priorities to bring classroom assessment into the equation. Evidence gathered over decades from around the world reveals strong achievement gains and reduced achievement score gaps when teachers implement student-involved classroom assessment practices in...