The SABES PD Center for Educational Leadership and Strengthening ABE Programs is based at Quinsigamond Community College and Holyoke Community College. Our center provides high-quality professional development including Foundations for New Staff and Directors Sharing and Study Groups. For more information, please contact our director, Sue Miller, at or 508-854-4513.

Ed Leadership: Upcoming Events

04/01/2017 04/29/2017
The Art of Teaching is a 2-day, 10-hour course (9 hours face-to-face and one hour 1-hour online component) is required...
High-quality instructional leadership is a critical element of an effective ABE program. The goal of instructional leaders at ABE programs...
Improving ABE students' digital literacy is an important topic in the ABE field especially because of WIOA. It is easy...

Ed Leadership: Resources, Research and Curriculum

Resource Putting a Price on People Problems at Work
What toll do workplace issues take on the bottom line of an organization? This article seeks to shed some light on the realities of these "costs."...
Resource Shhh, the Dragon is Asleep and Its Name Is Resistance
This article looks at factors that result in resistance to educational change and how to work with these issues. At the end of the first article are...
Resource So You Think You Can Lead
This short article looks at what is needed to become and effective educational leader.

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