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From the Adult Literacy Media Alliance (ALMA), a collection of entertaining “real life” videos and engaging web activities covering the content areas.
This resource was developed by SABES and ACLS
This brief, by Betsy Parrish and Kimberly Johnson, is written for practitioners and education researcher who work with adult English language learners at any level, with a focus on instruction that promotes transitions to postsecondary education and work.
In this resource, William E. Sedlacek addresses assessments of non-cognitive qualities — persistence, dependability, motivation, the ability to work with others, intercultural sensitivity — and how they affect success in school or in the workplace.
Curriculum guide developed by SABES and NCTN.
An extensive set of suggestions mapped to the Integrating Career Awareness curriculum guide.
Visit the MTEL site for information about the tests required for ABE Teacher's License:
Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL): Resources about testing and upcoming test dates
Document, Website
Adult and Community Learning Services Teaching Experience Verification
Application for the Adult Basic Education Teacher's License