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ELA PD Overview for FY18
Refer to this handy two-page graphic for an overview of ELA professional development (PD) opportunities provided by the SABES PD Center for ELA during FY18. Continue to check the SABES PD Center for ELA home page and SABES Calendar for up-to-date details.
"Lesson Plan Building and Sharing Tools" [website reviews]
In the Summer 2017 issue of the Journal of Research and Practice for Adult Literacy, Secondary, and Basic Education , published jointly by the Coalition on Adult Basic Education and Rutgers University, David Rosen reviews online tools for building and sharing lesson plans in his Webscan column (pg...
Using the PIAAC Literacy Framework to Guide Instruction: An Introduction for Adult Educators (2017)
Our own Amy Trawick wrote this useful guide to the Literacy Framework of PIAAC (Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies), based on data released in October 2003. The project was funded by the American Institutes for Research, through a contract with the National Center for...
STAR Research Review (Spring 2017)
The STAR research review is conducted annually to identify developments in reading research that call for changes in STAR project content. This review keeps the STAR team up- to- date on new research related to the training and technical assistance they provide. The Spring 2017 review includes nine...
Movies in the Classroom
Watch these trailers of films that have been used successfully in an adult education classroom. Explore the links to educational materials, including discussion guides, lesson plans, and background information. Chisholm '72: Unbought and Unbossed ( YouTube and PBS ) Materials: Anti-Defamation...
Research on ELA
Find here the research to provide you with background information, a rationale, and evidence to support decisions around ELA teaching, curriculum, and program design: Adult Education Literacy Instruction: A Review of the Research (2010) : The Executive Summary may prove especially useful, as well...
There are many standards to be aware of and to mine for useful information and guidance. College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education (CCRSAE) Explore our gathered resources about the CCRSAE . Massachusetts Frameworks View the old Massachusetts Frameworks for Adult Basic Education for...
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ELA Connections
Connections Between ELA and Everything Else ABE ELA Instructors often teach social studies or science within ELA, or also teach dedicated classes for science, social studies, civics, study skills—and so on. What does it mean to think in each of these areas? Are there common patterns of critical...
Evidence-Based Reading Instruction (EBRI)
Research has identified that four components—alphabetics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension—are essential in how reading develops and in the reading process. WIOA requires ABE programs to provide explicit and systematic instruction in these four essential components to adult learners of all...
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Text Levels, Sets, and Complexity
Determining the Complexity of Texts In addition to finding a text worth reading (see the links below), choosing a text means determining its quantitative and qualitative complexity and its relationship to the intended readers. These skills are covered to a greater or lesser degree in several ELA PD...