The SABES Mathematics and Adult Numeracy Curriculum & Instruction PD Center is managed by the Adult Numeracy Center at TERC, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our center provides high-quality professional development (PD) so that teachers can better help adult learners understand how math is present and relevant in everyday life, and how learners can use this knowledge to improve their own lives and communities. 

In this time of upheaval, it's important to understand as best we can what is happening. Our Center wants to support you and your students by offering resources that focus on real data, in real time to help make some sense of what's happening. These resources include looking at how pandemic works and monitoring the pandemic in real time.

And, of course, the Center for Disease Control is also offering up-to-date data on the pandemic:

Check out the following to find out more about what we offer:

  • PD: The SABES Calendar shows our upcoming PD events, and you can read brief descriptions of all our PD offerings here.
  • Resources: Recently posted resources appear on this page under Math: Resources, Research, and Curriculum. Find resources by using the search box located at the top of this page, by selecting the Resource Library link at the top of this page, or by going directly to one of our curated collection pages:
    • Research, including effective teaching practices
    • Standards, including our Overview, which illustrates how standards develop across levels
    • Curriculum, including sample instructional units (for CALM, the Curriculum for Adults Learning Math, see our note below)
    • Instruction, including teaching ideas for LD students and lessons from Statistics in Action
    • Web Resources, including tips on how to use them in math classes
  • News: Check for news under Math: What’s New, and select Sign Up for Notifications to arrange for email alerts about newly posted news, resources, and PD opportunities.
  • Our blog: Check out the monthly blogs, written by our team and by teachers who have worked with our PD Center.

Contact us: Would you like to bring math PD to your program, suggest a resource, or ask a question? We’re here! Contact our director, Donna Curry, at, or select the purple “Contact This PD Center” button below.

For those of you who have been struggling to create your own program-wide curriculum, we have the answer! It's called CALM - the Curriculum for Adults Learning Math. CALM is a complete curriculum, for students in ABE through ASE. It is based on the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education (CCRSAE) for Math. To learn more about CALM, visit

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