Title Date Overview
FULL - Online Tools for Independent Learning (Online Blended) -

In this workshop, participants will design an online learning component to their adult ESOL classes that goes way beyond "homework" and fosters students' independent learning, metacognitive awareness, and motivation. 

Google Drive and Docs for ESOL Learners' Digital Literacy Skills Development - For Beginner Users (Online Facilitated) -

Are you interested in learning how Google Drive and Google Docs can help your ESOL students develop their digital literacy skills? In this interactive Zoom session, we will explore how to use basic features of Google Drive and Google Docs, such as creating folders; creating documents from templates and from… read more

Words Matter: Teaching Content Vocabulary to ABE and ASE Learners—January 2022 (Online Facilitated) -

Photosynthesis. Democracy. Vaccination.

Tier 3 vocabulary includes the content-area, subject-specific words and phrases needed for understanding a topic. In this session, explore evidence-based approaches for supporting adult learners at the intermediate and secondary levels (GLE 4-12) with building Tier 3 vocabulary in… read more

Volunteer Coordinator Sharing Group: Implicit Bias and What We Can Do About It (Online Facilitated) -

This facilitated sharing and learning group is designed to support new and experienced volunteer coordinators and others in adult education programs who work with volunteers. In this session, we will focus on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will specifically look at implicit bias along with strategies for… read more

Analyzing Student Activity in Newsela (Online Facilitated) -

How do you currently use student insights to drive instructional decisions? Learn how to use Newsela student data, collected and compiled in your Assignments Binder, to help you make instructional decisions.