The SABES ELA C&I PD Center, based at QCC in Worcester, provides ELA PD and support for adult education programs throughout Massachusetts.

Introducing: Four STAR instruction videos from Abisi Adult Learning Center in Lowell! These are best practice videos from the classrooms of two STAR (STudent Achievement in Reading) teachers: Maura McCabe and Christina Cronin, with director Betty McKiernan. Learn why they continue to teach STAR, and the progress students make. Hear from two students why STAR is important to them. See why STAR is entering its 11th year in Massachusetts!

Register now for the following events taking place over the next four to six weeks; find all upcoming ELA PD by searching the Calendar or by going to ELA Upcoming Events. All PD will be delivered online until further notice, from self-paced modules to live webinars to multi-layered courses.

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ELA: Upcoming Events


EBRI: Diagnostic Assessments of Reading (Online Course)

Learn how to administer and interpret diagnostic reading assessments for adult learners, how to build individual reading profiles, and how...


Overview of EBRI - November (Online)

The brief webinar is the first step on your evidence-based reading instruction (EBRI) journey, providing an introduction and overview of...


Evidence-Based Writing Strategies: Pre-Writing & Organizing (Webinar)

Support your students in becoming more confident and accomplished writers. Pre-Writing & Organizing Strategies: Graphic organizers & Sentence Frames focuses...

ELA: Resources, Research and Curriculum


In this series of four videos, two instructors and the director of Abisi Adult Education Center in Lowell, MA introduce you to the STAR program...


Alphabetics is one of the four essential components of reading. These four videos on Phonemic Awareness, each 5-6 minutes in length, are from the...


Fluency is one of the four essential components of reading. This series of seven videos on Improving Fluency with Oral Reading Strategies is from the...

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