What's New at SABES?Click to see news
What's New at SABES?Click to see news
Three PD Participants
What's New at SABES?Click to see news
What's New at SABES?Click to see news
What's New at SABES?Click to see news
What's New at SABES?Click to see news
What's New at SABES?Click to see news
What's New at SABES?Click to see news
What's New at SABES?Click to see news

To our SABES community: We look forward to seeing you in person again soon! However, in the meantime, while we are all social distancing, we will be postponing our face-to-face sessions or holding them virtually. Check the calendar for updates, and look for announcements from us about courses you have registered for.

Updated 3/28: SABES has compiled resources for you on supporting and connecting with your students. These include tech tools for advising and coaching remotely, resources for COVID-19 for ESOL instructors, the next Rethinking Fractions webinar on helping students develop a foundational number sense around fractions, SABES Program Support PD Center Updates, and a reflection on balance and expectations for yourselves and your students. 

Find Emergency Resources for every area of Massachusetts, covering categories of need including assistance for unemployment, sick leave, small businesses and nonprofits, child care programs and meals for kids, and much more. For information about the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) itself, with links to announcements from the state and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), check out our resource by the ELA PD Center: Getting the Gist.

Check back here for new items, sign up for a SABES account and Notifications to get word of other events and resources as they come online, or reach out to us directly at info@sabes.org.

We hope that you and yours are healthy and safe.

Sincerely, the SABES team

SABES, the Massachusetts adult education professional development (PD) system, provides high quality PD and support to increase educator effectiveness and strengthen programs.

SABES Professional Development

Curriculum & Instruction PD Centers

  • Content knowledge
  • Curriculum and instruction
  • Instructional leadership
  • Learning disabilities and difficulties
  • Integration of digital literacy
  • Diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment
  • Professional standards
  • Cultural competence

Additional Resources, PD, and Support

  • Website, calendar, registration and SABES promotional activities

UMass Amherst training and support for

  • administering and scoring required tests
  • interpreting test results
  • (re)certification
  • Massachusetts adult education system information and resources
  • Partner PD organizations and events

What's New at SABES

advising.png Advising is an integral part of adult education , and an increasing focus on effective advising shows exciting potential to create responsive and persistence-focused adult education...

Leading for Meaningful Change: The Director’s Role in Promoting Effective Teaching and Advising If you agree that as adult educators, we are first and foremost accountable to our students, then you...

Good day. How are you managing? There is a lot to manage, for us and our students. We will help by sifting through the vast amounts of information related to COVID-19 and to distance teaching and...

During the changing and challenging circumstances of the current COVID-19 shutdowns, it's important to connect to learners. Advisors can use a variety of tools to offer learners support, share...

SABES Tips and Highlights

#2. HQPD has clear goals and objectives relevant to desired student outcomes.

#4. HQPD is informed by data, research, and/or standards relevant to the identified goals, objectives, and audience.

Massachusetts Adult Education Standards for High Quality Professional Development (HQPD)

"It's about more than scoring well on a test, it's about being ready for college and career." 

Per Barbara Bradbury, Springfield Adult Learning Center at Springfield Technical Community College, about teaching students for success in their lives rather than for passing tests

HQPD acknowledges and addresses the unique context of ABE, the variety of preparation and experience with which adult educators come to ABE, and the diverse realities and needs of adult learners. 

Massachusetts Adult Education Standards for High Quality Professional Development (HQPD)

"I have also learned that there are different ways to approach a proportion question, and if the student can articulate his reasoning, then we can both learn from each other."

Making Sense of Proportional Reasoning, December, 2017

"When I think of our work, I think of a former student who was living in a car with her three children, and who is now the director of the same adult ed program that helped her succeed."

Luanne Teller, Co-director, SABES Program Support PD Center

Everything happens at the speed of trust 

--SABES Session on Coaching

You may recognize the three women on our new banner image! They are Ana Rodriguez, Laura Porter, and Pesha Black, at our PD workshop Redesigning Career Pathways Programs for Adult Student Success held in Worcester last November.

Review the Massachusetts Professional Standards for Teachers of Adult ESOL to find out. Then sign up for one of the SABES professional development sessions, which provide teachers with opportunities to investigate the standards and customize their own PD–whether they are novice or experienced practitioners. Look for ESOL courses on our SABES calendar.

"I have learned through the SABES class how to use more open-ended questions to have my student articulate the concepts and extend their application. This will strengthen his understanding and ability to apply the concepts."

Making Sense of Proportional Reasoning, December, 2017

From a program director:

"I wanted to let you know that I just watched your overview of the CCR Math Standards, and was (again) so inspired! Thanks for putting your video out into the world, in the way you did."

Watch the video here.

HQPD promotes collaboration among educators to encourage sharing of ideas and working together to achieve the identified goals and objectives. 

Massachusetts Adult Education Standards for High Quality Professional Development (HQPD)

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