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This resource is comprised of two separate components: the Massachusetts English Language Proficiency Standards (MA ELPS) document, and three overview videos. First , the MA ELPS document—a revision of the Massachusetts ABE Curriculum Framework for ESOL . The MA ELPS integrate the College and...
Explore Forest Biomes through this text set designed for readers with a GLE range of 9-12 and limited background knowledge. For more information on text sets, and to see other sets and sources, go to Text Sets . GLE range: 9–12 Created by Marie LeBlanc, 2018 * * *
Project Implicit is a non-profit organization and international collaborative network of researchers investigating implicit social cognition - thoughts and feelings that are largely outside of conscious awareness and control. Project Implicit is the product of a team of scientists whose research...
We already have standards. Lots of standards. What are these new standards about? What is the proficiency guide for? Read this concise one-page summary to find out. There will be a training on the ELA and Math proficiency guides on December 5th, 2019, at QCC (Worcester).
This Lesson Revision Template is intended to be used as part of a group lesson study in relation to the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education ( CCRSAE ). It is adapted from the Standards-in-Action resource alignment tool from "Advanced Unit 2: Focusing on Assignments and...
Use the ELA Resource Alignment Tool to see how well a published resource or curriculum is aligned with the College & Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education ( CCRSAE ), and identify actions to fill in the alignment gaps. This tool is adapted from the Standards-in-Action resource...
There are many standards, frameworks, and guidelines to mine for useful information and guidance. Massachusetts Professional Standards for Teachers of Adult Basic Education Get the main idea with To the Point: The ELA Proficiency Guide & the MA Prof. Standards for AE Review the ACLS page for...
Use this form to support observations of an EBRI class, whether by peers, coaches, directors, or others. This PDF form can be downloaded and typed into directly, or printed and used a guide.
This very brief video will walk you through the timeline of the various standards documents as they have been introduced to the ESOL field in Massachusetts - including the 2019 introduction of the Massachusetts English Language Proficiency Standards (MA ELPS). Take a moment to take a look!
Keeping up with education research helps you understand how learning takes place and why certain teaching practices are likely to be effective. We sort through what’s out there and post the most relevant and useful articles here. Check back often, as we will add to our collection regularly.