The SABES Program Support PD Center is new to the Massachusetts Adult Education Professional Development System (AE PDS) as of 7/1/2018. Housed at World Education, Inc. in Boston, MA, our goal is to work in creative and responsive ways to provide professional development  according to our system’s High Quality Professional Development (HQPD) Standards. These HQPD Standards and our work are designed to build our collective capacity to maximize opportunities for the adult learners we serve.

This PD Center will provide support in the following areas of work:

  • Career Pathways; Advising; and Cultural Competence; led by Co-director Sandy Goodman:
  • Program Management and Educational Leadership; Digital Literacy; ADA Resources and Training; and Professional Licensure Support, led by Co-director Luanne Teller:

 Stay tuned for more information! We will soon be updating our website to include home pages for each of work areas. 

Program Support PD Center: Our Team