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Meredith Liben, an educator with wide-ranging classroom and curricular experience directs ELA and Literacy activities at Student Achievement Partners (SAP), offering curriculum support, assistance with standards implementation, and teacher training to various schools, districts, and education groups. In addition to her work with SAP, she provides a variety of consulting services related to teaching reading and standards-based education.

Until recently, Meredith taught reading in the content areas to teachers in technical and career centers at Vermont Technical College, and English to students at a Vermont regional high school career and technical education center. She was a member of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) ELA Working Group, and one of 30 experts who worked closely with the primary writing team to craft the CCSS for ELA and Literacy. She also directed the text complexity validation research study that is a critical underpinning of the CCSS reading standards. Recently, she worked with the Office of Vocational and Adult Education as a member of the task force that evaluated the CCSS for suitability and adaptation to adult learners (resulting in the CCRSAE).

Ms. Liben has a BA in classics and government from Oberlin College, a post-BA teaching certificate from the University of Massachusetts, and an MAT in rhetoric and teaching of English from the City University of New York.