The College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education are a subset of the national Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Common abbreviations include CCRS, CCRSAE, and "the Standards"; at ACLS / SABES we use "CCR Standards."

Below are resources related specifically to understanding the CCR Standards, pulled from across the SABES PD centers. We will continue to add and update resources, so check back.

This page has grown out of our work with the Standards in Action (SIA) project, in which we "delved into the instructional and institutional implications of CCR standards" and worked with further adapting K-12 tools to effectively implement the standards in adult education classrooms.

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Brief (20 minute) videos introducing aspects of the CCR Standards and key instructional shifts (a great way to begin and to refresh your knowledge of the CCR Standards and ESOL Frameworks)

CCR Standards

Massachusetts Frameworks for Adult Basic Education

  • Adult and Community Learning Services (ACLS) page of links for standards and frameworks, including the Massachusetts ABE Science Curriculum Framework, Life Science Strand (2013), the Massachusetts ABE Curriculum Framework for English for Speakers of Other Languages (2005), and the Revised Reading Strand from the ELA Framework (2010).
  • The Revised Reading Strand can also be accessed here.

What are the Instructional Shifts?

Additional Tools

Websites and articles (most relate to the K-12 Common Core State Standards and must be adapted for Adult Ed)

  • Article by David and Meredith Liben: "The Common Core Standards: Starting Now", December 2012/January 2013 ("You have little money and hardly any time. What can you do to move your school or district forward in implementing the Common Core State Standards? ... In this article, we share strategies and resources related to English language arts and literacy standards.")
  • Article by Susan Pimental: "The Role of Fiction in the High School English Language Arts Classroom", 12/11/2012, updated Feb 10, 2013
  • Article by Donna Curry: "Developing Instructional Units: Applying What Students Learn", Fall 2015 (Explore two methods of building standards-based instructonal units that are contextualized so that students process new knowledge by making sense of it and applying it.)
  • Achieve the Core (from Student Achievement Partners, "free, ready-to-use classroom resources designed to help educators understand and implement the Common Core and other college and career ready standards"; NOTE that most Standards in Action tools are ABE-friendly adaptations of Achieve the Core materials.)
  • Teaching the Core (from Student Achievement Partners, "classroom videos and associated lesson materials to help K-12 educators implement the instructional shifts required by the Common Core State Standards")
  • Engage NY High School Equivalency Curriculum Framework ("integrates the College and Career Readiness Standards and provides guidance for teaching content and skills to HSE students in ELA/Social Studies, Science and Math")
  • Achievement Network ("connect standards to instruction")
  • Kentucky Adult Education (resource page on the College and Career Readiness Standards and KYAE Employability Standards)

Professional Development (PD) and Technical Assistance (TA) from the SABES content centers: While all of our offerings relate in some way to the standards, some are specifically about understanding these standards. We also have Coaches who will work directly with programs.  Contact the relevant content center's director to ask about the best way to proceed:

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