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Text Sets are curated sequences of resources that build knowledge on a topic, with a few activities to help note and summarize the learning. They are great tools, and can be a key part of incorporating two of the CCRSAE instructional shifts: Text Complexity and Building Knowledge.

This collection page gathers together text set resources and links.

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About Text Sets

Find out about their structure, use, and pre-teaching considerations in "About Text Sets."

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The Massachusetts Collection

Each text set:

  • Is created for a specific GLE range
  • Centers on a single topic
  • Is sequenced to support students in building vocabulary and knowledge
  • Is designed to be completed with increasing independence by students

Each text set contains:

  1. A chart of resources, with titles, sources, and reasons for inclusion
  2. A glossary of student-friendly definitions for selected Tier 2 (academic vocabulary) words from the resources
  3. Models (with sample answers) of two activities to choose from, for learners to complete after engaging with each resource: Rolling Knowledge OR Rolling Vocabulary
  4. Blank templates for the two activities

These text sets were created by Massachusetts adult education practitioners, based on the Expert Pack Text Set model at Achieve the Core, with guidance and support from College and Career Readiness Standards-in-Action mentors.

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