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Massachusetts Department of Education, ACLS's Disability Services Page
Check out the ACLS Disability Services page for links to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and to Workforce GPS. You'll also find for information on Universal Design and websites that students, teachers, ADA coordinators, and advisors may find useful.
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's Dyslexia Web Page
ESE’s Office of Special Education Planning and Policy has launched a new webpage entitled Specific Learning Disability: Dyslexia . The webpage includes definitions of dyslexia as a specific learning disability as found in federal and state law, information on recent dyslexia legislation, states’...
Handbook for Sustaining Standards-Based Education in Adult Education
From the Abstract: The purpose of this handbook is to help state leaders improve the odds of generating sustained organizational support for standards-based reforms, so that leaders can develop long-lasting roots for promising reforms and propagate them system-wide. The handbook presents a...
Supplement to the Handbook for Sustaining Standards-Based Education in Adult Education: Checklists for Assessing Effective Implementation
Abstract: This document is designed as a resource for state and local program leaders looking to support the effective implementation of state academic content standards. At the center of this supplement are two checklists. One is the State Leadership Checklist. State staff can use this as a self-...
Lo que necesitas saber para obtener tu credencial de equivalencia de high school
Nuestra meta en este breve vídeo es mostrarte que el proceso de conseguir tu credencial de equivalencia de high school no es tan complicado ni misterioso como puedas pensar. La transcripción Recursos Información Programa de equivalencia de la escuela secundaria (High School Equivalency Testing...
Massachusetts adult education standards for HQPD - One-page summary
This is a one-page summary of the Massachusetts Adult Education Standards for High Quality Professional Development (HQPD). When printing, choose "Fit" or "Fit to page" if you get the choice. Check the HQPD Standards themselves for more detail.
Adult Education Glossary (from ACLS)
From adult education to workforce preparation activities, the Adult Education Glossary includes common terms and acronyms used by the Adult Education System in Massachusetts. It was developed by the Mass. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE)'s Adult and Community Learning Services...
Understanding the National Reporting System’s (NRS) Federal Measures and Reporting Requirements Webinar
This webinar, recorded in March 2017, is led by Russell Fenton from ACLS. The goal of this webinar is for you to come away with a shared understanding of the NRS Federal Reporting Measures and Requirements, why they matter, and how they differ slightly from the Massachusetts State Performance...
National Reporting System Educational Functioning Level Completion Webinar
This webinar, recorded in March 2017, is led by Dana Varzan-Parker from ACLS. The webinar is designed to help ABE directors, teachers, advisors, and other stakeholders understand educational functioning levels (EFL)s and how student EFL completion is determined and reported under the new measurable...
ABE State Performance Accountability Framework Webinar
This webinar entitled ABE State Performance Accountability Framework is intended to help ABE directors, teachers, advisors and other stakeholders understand the Measurable Skills Gains (MSG) standard in the new MA accountability framework for adult education. Participants will be able to describe...