In a series of articles recently published in Language magazine, the authors present a reconceptualized version of the field of English language teaching (ELT) which has been decentered from whiteness. Their exploration focuses on three related areas of ELT: classrooms, training and labor, and the the teacher training industry. The series starts with an examination of racism and whiteness in the English language classroom and continues with a discussion of ELT training and the ways in which an ELT field fully divested from whiteness would better serve teachers as well as learners.

Part 1: After Whiteness (focuses on possible pedagogical changes in classrooms)

Part 2: After Whiteness (focuses on re-envisioning language teacher training and recruitment)

Part 3: After Whiteness (focuses on potential shifts to the English language training industry). 

J. P. B. Gerald is an EdD candidate at CUNY–Hunter College whose scholarship focuses on language teaching, racism, (dis)ability, and whiteness. You can find his public scholarship at and his Twitter opinions @JPBGerald.

Vijay A. Ramjattan received his PhD in adult education and community development from the University of Toronto. His research interests pertain to the intersections of language, race, and work (place learning). He often talks about these interests on Twitter as @Vijay_Ramjattan.

Scott Stillar is currently a PhD candidate in second language acquisition at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His dissertation research investigates the ideological intersections of standardized American English and whiteness within English language education spaces.

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