My MN Careers has features typical of many career exploration sites: information about career clusters and occupations and tools for career self- assessment and goal setting. The site is unique in that it is designed for three specific audiences and learner levels:  beginner ("I am an English Language Learner"), intermediate ("I am Finishing High School or My GED"), and advanced ("I am Done with High School/GED and Want to Advance My Career"). The intermediate and advanced sections have expanded content and more results in the find careers search tool.

All content is written at or below the 6th grade level. The "English Language Learner" section is written at a 3rd grade level. Audio clips recounting student success stories provide opportunities for listening and comprehension activities. 

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ABE/Adult Education
Career Pathways
Education and Career Planning
ESOL/English Language Learner
Integrated Education and Training (IET)
Workforce Development
Workplace Education
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