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We believe education is a fundamental right for all. We envision a society that supports and celebrates the efforts of every adult to fully develop and utilize their talents in the service of their personal aspirations, family needs, and for the benefit of the communities where they live.

The field of adult education will be unified by a common purpose and passion to respond to the personal, civic, academic, employment, and other self-identified needs of adult learners as they work to overcome systemic barriers and reach their goals. We will be a recognized professional system with working conditions that attract diverse, highly qualified educators. 

To that end, the SABES Program Support PD Center team will provide PD that helps adult educators examine implicit bias and work against systemic discrimination in order to create learning environments that are equitably accessible, welcome a diverse range of learners, and are well-equipped to effectively support them. We will promote an inclusive culture in which all stakeholders have a voice and are mutually accountable to each other.

This system will partner with agencies and institutions drawn to our field's mission and eager to contribute to it. We will continue to connect the members of this broad partnership in dynamic dialogue; to discover and share proven practices, promising research, and innovative approaches; to promote deeper reflection on and evaluation of practices and their impact; and to provide and foster leadership for the continual improvement of the field.

We do this work with gratitude for the countless ways that our students, colleagues, and partners in this journey have enriched our lives.

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